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Career in Catering Services: Current Openings


CATERING SALES MANAGER: As a Catering Sales Manager, you'll establish and maintain client relations, create proposals, produce contracts, book, manage and lead events and logistics, among other managerial duties.

MARKETING MANAGER: As a Marketing Manager, you'll execute all marketing and public relations initiatives, coordinate efforts with exterior vendors, chefs and other stakeholders, and develop and adhere to a departmental budget.

EVENT MANAGER: As an Event Manager, you'll lead client events ensuring all requirements are met including staff, logistic and delivery arrangements as well as client invoicing. You'll also ensure ongoing customer relationship maintenance.

CATERING COORDINATOR: As a Catering Coordinator or Assistant, you'll support the Catering Sales Manager, booking revenue or lead opportunities, assisting with guest services and managing administrative tasks.

As a Chef or Cook, you'll prepare food and beverages for low to high-volume catering events, train kitchen staff, ensure quality facility, state and federal health and occupational safety and health administration standards.

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